Who are our clients?

Both professional Athletes and Artists have the ability to earn more in one year than many of their fans will in their entire lives. This leaves an enormous weight on their shoulders. We mentor our clients to cope with these responsibilities and ultimately guide them through a battlefield of temptations that will distract them from the fields they dominate. We guide them to make the right decisions in their personals lives in order to stay on track.

In short, we handle their opportunities and problems beyond their sports or artistic careers.

Why choose us?

LIFECOMPASS offers personalised services balanced around 4 axes:

  • Living made easy:
    LIFECOMPASS builds an individual approach and program for our clients to live comfortably now and after their active career.
    We help manage the worries and pressures professional life can bring.
  • Image and reputation building:
    LIFECOMPASS cares about the personal reputation of our clients to make the transition easily from professional to private life.
    We leverage the reputation we build together for potential business opportunities.
  • Financial and investor education:
    LIFECOMPASS helps athletes and artists to manage their finance, but we also provide proactive guidance for personal and professional investment decisions.
  • Expert Service:
    LIFECOMPASS offers diverse insurance solutions, real estate management solutions, vehicle and transport solutions and much more.
    In fact we tailor our service delivery to suit our clients.